• 250 gms of wheat flour (thick paddy)
  • 100 gms of water.
  • 50 gms of desi ghee.
  • Salt to taste.


  • Step 1 :Filter all the first flour and mix the salt.
  • Step 2 :Then add water to it and take a soft knead of dough and apply ghee on the dough, put it on a little hand and apply it on ygg and keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Step 3 :After 15 minutes, again after mixing ghee on the hand, make a little bit of the dough again.
  • Step 4 :Now break the dough of flour.
  • Step 5 :After that, apply some domestic ghee on the hands and press the loyo to both hands and make the round roti with both hands and thabels.
  • Step 6 :Now put the bread on the pan and cook it raw.
  • Step 7 :Take out the bread after frying raw and fry it on the flame.
  • Step 8 :Your bread is ready. Now if you like it, then add green ghee to the vegetable and lentils and chutneys they can serve with the chapel.
  • Step 9 :If you are having difficulty in handling the bread, then you can wet your hands with water and thaw the bread, it will be easy to make bread
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