• 100 gms of rice
  • 250 mg of water
  • 30 grams domestic 100 gms of rice.
  • Clove 8 to 10
  • Large cardamom 1
  • 4 or 5 leaves of Tejpal


  • Step 1 :Wash all the first rice
  • Step 2 :Then put one spoon on the gas and put 1 teaspoon ghee and heat it.
  • Step 3 :Clove 8 to 10Large cardamom 1
  • Step 4 :Then add the cloves of rice cloves to the elachi a bit.
  • Step 5 :And fry them all a bit.
  • Step 6 :Now after 10 minutes take out the rice and see whether they are cooked or not, if not, take a little longer and boil.
  • Step 7 :After cooking the rice, cover them for a while and keep them in the frying pan.
  • Step 8 :Then put them in the sieve and take the dough (water) and mix the remaining ghee.
  • Step 9 :Your fries are ready to become plain rice. You are prepared for them with tur, lentils, rajma, stiff, The peas can be eaten with paneer, the rice made thus does not make the gas in the stomach and the rice is fertile
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